Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Interfacing/HIPAA Compliance/
Document Management Interfaces

Efficient and Seamless Electronic Medical
Record (EMR) Interfacing

Oracle Transcription has extensive experience with EMR interfacing.

We provide a highly secure and reliable File Transfer Service (FTS) which negates the need for unreliable VPNs and FTP transfers. There are several interfacing alternatives provided by the FTS which we can jointly pursue with your IT Department.

We have the ability to collect and import ADT data in a variety of formats.

We have the ability to securely place a copy of your transcribed documents in any selected folder on your facility network. These documents can be delivered in any required file format and contain any required internal data structure to facilitate a smooth import into your EMR.

We have the ability to establish a bi-directional TCP/IP socket connection to pass HL7 data. ADT can be collected and transcribed reports returned using the HL7 industry standard.

Oracle Transcriptions is currently interfacing with:

  • ChartScript
  • Alpha
  • Epic
  • Meditech
  • Arrendale
  • CPSI
  • ArtWorks
  • Viztek
  • Logician
  • Cerner
  • Fusion
  • and various proprietary EMR systems

HIPAA Compliance and Patient Confidentiality

Compliance and Confidentiality are core to our mission

Oracle Transcription fully recognizes the impact that the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, as incorporated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (HITECH) have had on healthcare providers and their satellite services. Strict procedures and securely encrypted data exchanges are now a requirement for any entity handling or transmitting Protected Health Information (PHI). While the ultimate burden of responsibility rests on the healthcare facility, Oracle Transcription's policies, procedures, and technology have all been designed to assist our clients in their efforts to remain securely HIPAA compliant.


Security is a significant concern for all hospitals. This includes security of the individual data records; security of all associated information technology (IT) systems; management of the access process; management oversight for all users; and costs associated with maintaining security, both direct financial costs and indirect process or system-related costs. Oracle Transcription has prioritized strengthening of IT security to ensure that controls and procedures are adequate to protect information systems from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, destruction, and misuse. The OTI solution is easily integrated with existing management controls which can be tracked on-line through user log-ins and use of automatic session timeout features.

Data Encryption

All communications between your facility and Oracle Transcription systems are encrypted using 168-bit triple DES encryption, and data sent over the public Internet is encrypted and sent over the HTTPS protocol, which adds another 128-bits on top of the already robust encryption. Additionally, all voice, ADT, and transcription data is stored in a VM database (VM: a Virtual Machine that runs in a secure ESX container, shielded from all other applications and data on that server). All HIPAA protected information is stored in a VM database and therefore is not physically shared with any other hospital or account. The nature of VMware ensures the effectiveness of the data protection. HIPAA standards demand that certain levels of security and functionality are incorporated where appropriate, and this technology and service was designed with these standards in mind.

Web-Based Security

The web-based document management system utilizes the highest levels of security. HIPAA Security Rule contains three measures that must be addressed in order to protect and assure the confidentiality of electronic protected health information; Administrative Safeguards, Physical Safeguards and Technical Safeguards. Oracle Transcription meets HIPAA compliance for recording and transferring medical dictation. Secure, Encrypted File Transfer that meets all HIPAA requirements for file transfer is at the very core of Oracle Transcription along with strong password verification and secure login procedures that meet and exceed all HIPAA regulations. The Oracle Transcription solution can be adapted to meet any mandated security protocols.

Home Based Transcription

Oracle Transcription transcriptionists are home-based subcontractors. Transcriptionists access audio via secure web access. Reports are typed into a browser form and then delivered securely into system servers. All data sent across the public Internet is encrypted (128 bit triple DES) and sent across the SSL (port 443). No audio, transcribed reports, or PHI of any kind is ever stored on the MT’s computer and MTs have no access to previously typed material. This highly reliable transcription model exceeds HIPAA and HIGHTECH’s stringent requirements.

HIPAA Compliance

Patient confidentiality is a priority at Oracle Transcription. We pride ourselves on the institution of proper procedures and regulations designed to maintain strict privacy and confidentiality of all protected patient information.

In addition to the security measures discussed above, confidential patient information is protected in all of the following ways:

  • Oracle Transcription personnel are trained in confidentiality and HIPAA security. We will be happy to make the Oracle Transcription training document HIPAA Training for Healthcare Workers available to you upon your request.
  • Every employee and independent contractor (transcriptionist) is required to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of employment with Oracle Transcription.
  • Oracle Transcription does not send any emails across the public internet containing protected patient information unless the information is zipped and adequately encrypted
  • At Oracle Transcription, fax machines are isolated, filing cabinets are locked, and any and all information printed at our corporate headquarters is crosscut shredded.

Document Management Interfaces

Medical Transcription Management Interfaces

Web-Based, Document Management Interface

At Oracle Transcription, Inc. we offer to our clients a state-of-the-art method for medical report delivery and management. Oracle Transcription's technology platform is a complete, Internet-hosted, medical reporting workflow solution including voice capture, ADT capture, print routing, workflow management, transcription, transcription productivity tools and document delivery as required. The web-based technology provides many advantages and will be a significant upgrade for many medical facilities.

Oracle Transcription clients always have the ability to:

  • Instantly receive and print reports as they are made available.
  • Monitor and manage their physician and administrator rosters.
  • Easily browse through past reports and print production logs.
  • Conveniently edit and reprint any transcribed report.
  • Use the powerful search function to locate transcribed reports by patient demographics, dictator number, job number, and/or several date fields.
  • Search and monitor the status of dictated reports before they have been transcribed and delivered in text format.
  • Securely access reports conveniently from a desktop web browser.

Remote Management Interface (RMI)

The design of Oracle Transcription’s Remote Management Interface (RMI) system (powered by BayScribe) is truly unique and flexible – a highly scalable, fully integrated Document Management technology solution focused solely on meeting your needs. HIPAA standards demand that certain levels of security and functionality be incorporated in all medical transcription work, and our RMI technology was designed specifically with these standards in mind.

All communications between your system and ours are encrypted using 168-bit triple-DES encryption, and data sent over the Internet via the HTTPS protocol adds another 128-bit encryption on top of this already robust technology application.Key Client Benefits you’ll receive by selecting RMI:

  • Flexible enough to start dictating within 24-hours or less
  • Various dictating options: toll-free telephone numbers, handheld recorders, PCs, etc.
  • ‘Real time’ audio previews
  • Physician Profile Preferences with priority controls built right in
  • Extensive search capabilities – by doctor, patient name, dictation/transcription date, etc.
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training
  • ‘Real Time’ delivery of all transcribed reports
  • E-signatures – verified online electronic signatures save time and ensure security
  • ‘Auto Fax’ capabilities using our system or yours
  • Exclusive online “DocTracking” – making it easy to monitor, review, edit, print, and manage your documents.
  • cc Doctor copies – online – at no charge
  • Secure data back-up – daily & redundant
  • Custom user profiles and Transcription Manager reports
  • Easy coding access
  • Alpha-numeric fields
  • Enhanced medical spell-checker
  • Bi-directional HL7 messaging availability
  • Front end voice/speech recognition

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